Artist Recommendation

Hip-hop music (at least in the U.S.) has been this hodge-podge of beats infused with pop vocalists and catchy choruses. Clubs, dubs, and ”
Dranks”, are suffocating the airwaves AND the minds of the upcoming generation that we so desperately need to grow up and become contributors to society. Instead of turning this blog post into a social awareness message I wanted to recommend an artist who actually HAS something to say.

K’NAAN, is a hip hop artist hailing from Somalia. No amount of street cred, tattoos, or crews could discredit this guy from what life has bestowed upon him. If you know nothing about Somalia just know that it is a warzone country. His album is not a “thug” record, it’s not a “look at what I’ve been through” record.

That’s exactly what the album is titled.

Meaningful hip-hop music can be hard to come upon. This is one of them.


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