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Something else to love about the iPhone 3.0

Users have found that the 3G iPhone 3.0 software is able to make phone calls through Skype’s free iPhone app. You know what this means…that is the most amazing thing I’ve heard all day.

Check out the video of Skype working on an iPhone:


Google launches Free, legal music downloading in China

According to Wired Magazine, Google is launching a free and legal music downloading service in China. Advertising revenue will be shared with major music labels. I pray that this works…99% of all music sold in China is pirated. That means that out of 100 CDs, only one of them is bought legally. The artist, record label, and publisher, are all cutting up that one album that was legally bought…that’s why only crappy music is being made.

My experiences in China…you can walk down a normal looking street…into a normal looking music store…CDs laid out in a normal looking CD rack…packaging…artwork…and ALL OF THE CDS are pirated. If you aren’t looking carefully you won’t even know that you had bought a pirated copy of Britney’s new album. You may not even know that they’ve thrown every single one of Britney’s songs onto that CD of Circus you just bought.

If the music industry can cure the free music mentality in China then they can cure the world of music piracy. I believe that the fight starts there.

Check out the article here

Playing for Change – Stand By Me

This is what music is all about…showing the potential for humanity…bringing people together to create something beautiful.

The Bible in Manga

I’ve heard people tell me before that on sleepless nights when they are tossing and turning they open up the Bible help them get to sleep. Now, that’s just sad. I myself am a reader of average speed. I feel like I take forever to get through a chapter unless I’m listening to an audiobook (which I love). A weeks ago I stumbled upon the Manga Bible at Barnes and Noble and I admit that I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. For the nerd inside of me I love being able to see the stories of the Bible in crazy manga drawings and comic convo bubbles. If I ran a youth ministry this would be the gift that I would be giving away to the kids (assuming they were at least older than eight or nine).

Click here for the book on Amazon

stuff like this makes times like these so much better

From an L.A. Times article dated July 27th, 1998:

* What is a crow’s favorite game? Crowquet. (Daniel Viscovich, 6, Torrance, Montessori Peninsula School)

* Why was the picture sent to jail? Because it was framed. (Sahara Granados, 7, Los Angeles, Robert Hill Lane Elementary)

* There were three copycats on a boat. One jumped off. How many were left? None. (Lauren Sherman, 5, Goleta, Kellogg School)

* The Tsan family was eating in a fancy restaurant when Christine complained, “Daddy, I don’t like cheese with holes.” Daddy Tsan replied, “Well, just eat the cheese and leave the holes on the side of your plate.” (Christine Tsan, 13, Mission Viejo, La Paz Intermediate School)

Courtesy of Christine Tsan and The L.A. Times

Terrafugia’s Flying “plar”

I’m coining the turn “plar”, that’s a plane that is also a car. Terrafugia has created the next awesome item that might be able to revolutionize the way we travel. This “plar” is going to make Back to the Future II a reality (my favorite film from the trilogy). This thing drives on the road and then when you want to fly, you just pop open the wings and take off (make sure you’ve got a runway).

I am one of those crazies that commutes 60 miles, five days a week to work, in L.A. traffic. The 5 Freeway is a bitch; there is nothing like L.A. traffic between the hours of 7 and 9 a.m. I COULD USE A “PLAR”. I think about it every morning. haha! Now if only I had $200,000 dollars…

Click here to go to Terrafugia’s website

Mariah Carey’s – Tuts My Barreh (Touch My Body) haha!

Today is officially awesome video day! I am proud to be asian, but at some point we as an ethnic race are going to have to do something about our accents and karaoke. We need to understand that they JUST DON’T MIX! It sure is good for some laughs though!