I’m going to be a dork and blog about something that you would think only your parents and your grandparents would care about. I’ve never been a fan of Yanni, nor do I own any of his albums. I just know that I’ve heard his name and heard his songs before at my local dentist’s office. He is known as an instrumental music composer, but also a superstar around the world. He’s stepping out from his old shadow with a new haircut and his mustache is gone.

Yanni Voices is the title of Yanni’s new venture into composition for vocalists. He’s employed four young singers to help him bring language into his new age compositions. This may not thrill you, but I know that grandmothers and grandfathers all over the world will be showing up at for his 2009 World Tour, and I am intrigued to see what happens.

Tonight, March 2nd, PBS will be airing a special performance Live from Acapulco premiering Yanni Voices to the world. Below you’ll find the video for the PBS show and an EPK from Yanni’s YouTube page.

and yes…you can make fun of me for blogging about Yanni.




4 responses to “Yanni…yes…Yanni

  1. #1. My asian uncle used to make use listen to Yanni in his car.
    #2. I love the pictures of the sandals in the sand and the Victoria Skim Board. You are a PRO


  2. I have loved Yanni’s instrumental music for decades, but this is an entirely new direction for Yanni. He actually took these four young people in, & under his wing, has not “employed them”, but helped teach them to fine tune their individual talent and craft. Hopefully, each one of them will eventually go out more on their own and be very successful. I’m looking forward to his new tour, with many of his classic music, which now include lyrics; but also hopefully more of his new instrumental creations as well.

  3. Thanks I found it in DTS on Mussiqa

  4. Yanni is truly amazing! I forgot to pre-order Voices, but I got it 47% off on Amazon…such a deal! I really like Nathan Pacheco as a Voice! Does anyone have a favorite song? http://bit.ly/YanniVoices

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