What country would you escape to?

The world seems to be spiraling out of control with the economic disaster that seems to have no end in sight. We’ve all become numb to it, whether or not we can tell. When you hear something everyday at least 10 times a day, it gets ingrained in our minds so we know (or think) it’s true and then the reality of the situation becomes so real that we no longer pay attention to the fact that it’s there.

I’ve been wondering lately where I would go in the event that I HAD to move to another country. Here’s my list:

#1 New Zealand – Umm…Why not?! It’s gorgeous!!!!

#2 Japan – I know that the Japanese have some crazy tech gadget to shield them from a global financial meltdown…they’re just waiting…

I wish this were true

I wish this were true

#3 Taiwan – I just had to put it on here, they’re not fairing much better financially than the rest of the world but it’s home!



P.S. – I might add to this list…

Where would you escape to???


One response to “What country would you escape to?

  1. Charlie,

    I would escape to the following countries in this order.
    #1. Australia
    #2. New Zealand
    #3. Costa Rica
    #4. The Netherlands
    #5. San Clemente

    Maybe I’ll see you in New Zealand

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