We’re spiraling down and down the rabbit hole. Someday I will tell my children (or someone else’s children) that the world watched helplessly as millions of people lost their jobs (8.1% jobless rate), the stock market floundered like a fish on dry land, R&B star Chris Brown turns out to be a woman beater, 70,000 kids are in the L.A. foster care system (almost 40% of whom are abused while in foster care), The Bachelor is applauded for breaking someone’s heart and being a chicken, Jack Bauer still doesn’t get to go on vacation, and after five seasons of trying to get off the island our Lost friends are BACK on the island, and our Heroes are now villains, and Derrick and Meredith have more problems than ever. So in our real and pretend lives everyone is screwed and no one is changing ANYTHING. “Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!”


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