Radiohead can deny seeing whoever they want. Even Miley Cyrus.

I must be in a bad mood this week…I need to stop reading all this depressing news. Onto the subject of this post: Ms. Miley Cyrus threatens to “ruin” Radiohead’s career. This 16 year old girl has lost her mind. I have nothing against Disney, pop stars, pop music, pop starlets, or High School Music. I do however strongly dislike young and entitled brats who feel like they can do anything now because of other people’s work. Miley Cyrus has done absolutely NOTHING and has gained almost EVERYTHING. TV shows, movies, albums, music videos,  clothing, and sold out concerts are among the myriad of things that the young Ms. Cyrus has done and it was ALL someone else’s talent going into it. Her face was just plastered on everything!!! Now this girl has the gall to tell people on the radio that she will destroy Thom Yorke’s Radiohead.

Does this girl know anything about music?! Rock music?! Manners?! What it means to be a human being?!

Radiohead has been paying their dues as a legit rock band since “Creep” was released in 1992. They’ve earned their right to make weird experimental music (O.K. Computer).

According to E! Online, Radiohead refused to meet with Miley Cyrus at the Grammys last month and the Miley was heartbroken. Since then she has become determined to tell everyone and destroy the Brit-rock band’s career. Right…

If Radiohead doesn’t want to meet with you then you work your ass off making undeniably good music until they are banging down your door!!

Teen stars…WTF?!

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One response to “Radiohead can deny seeing whoever they want. Even Miley Cyrus.

  1. charlie, this reminds me of a recent graphjam graph I saw online.

    Check it out

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