The new iPod Shuffle has no face

Apple just decided that it would be cool to make a device that was nothing more than a stick that held your songs, and inside of it lived a little robot slave that could tell you what the hell you were listening to…WHY?!?!?!?! The new iPod Shuffle is as wide and thin as a Tylenol pill. Where is Apple taking the shuffle? How much smaller could this thing go? One day the iPod shuffle will consist of nothing but the ear buds and you have the click wheel attached to one of your earlobes…

Apple has been one of the most envied companies around, and every product they have put out has been a revolutionary tool. I’m not really sure what the point of the new Shuffle is. With the shape of the economy and the lack of reason to get this new (swallow at your own risk) toy, I really don’t see Apple moving very many these oompa loompa sticks.

The New Shuffle/Tylenol

The New Shuffle/Tylenol


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