stuff like this makes times like these so much better

From an L.A. Times article dated July 27th, 1998:

* What is a crow’s favorite game? Crowquet. (Daniel Viscovich, 6, Torrance, Montessori Peninsula School)

* Why was the picture sent to jail? Because it was framed. (Sahara Granados, 7, Los Angeles, Robert Hill Lane Elementary)

* There were three copycats on a boat. One jumped off. How many were left? None. (Lauren Sherman, 5, Goleta, Kellogg School)

* The Tsan family was eating in a fancy restaurant when Christine complained, “Daddy, I don’t like cheese with holes.” Daddy Tsan replied, “Well, just eat the cheese and leave the holes on the side of your plate.” (Christine Tsan, 13, Mission Viejo, La Paz Intermediate School)

Courtesy of Christine Tsan and The L.A. Times


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