Terrafugia’s Flying “plar”

I’m coining the turn “plar”, that’s a plane that is also a car. Terrafugia has created the next awesome item that might be able to revolutionize the way we travel. This “plar” is going to make Back to the Future II a reality (my favorite film from the trilogy). This thing drives on the road and then when you want to fly, you just pop open the wings and take off (make sure you’ve got a runway).

I am one of those crazies that commutes 60 miles, five days a week to work, in L.A. traffic. The 5 Freeway is a bitch; there is nothing like L.A. traffic between the hours of 7 and 9 a.m. I COULD USE A “PLAR”. I think about it every morning. haha! Now if only I had $200,000 dollars…

Click here to go to Terrafugia’s website


One response to “Terrafugia’s Flying “plar”

  1. Charlie,

    Bad drivers are scary enough when driving down the 5 freeway. Put these same bad drivers in the cockpit of an airplane and you can have a potentially serious problem…

    At least with cars I don’t have to worry about bad drivers plummeting through my bedroom ceiling…

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