Google launches Free, legal music downloading in China

According to Wired Magazine, Google is launching a free and legal music downloading service in China. Advertising revenue will be shared with major music labels. I pray that this works…99% of all music sold in China is pirated. That means that out of 100 CDs, only one of them is bought legally. The artist, record label, and publisher, are all cutting up that one album that was legally bought…that’s why only crappy music is being made.

My experiences in China…you can walk down a normal looking street…into a normal looking music store…CDs laid out in a normal looking CD rack…packaging…artwork…and ALL OF THE CDS are pirated. If you aren’t looking carefully you won’t even know that you had bought a pirated copy of Britney’s new album. You may not even know that they’ve thrown every single one of Britney’s songs onto that CD of Circus you just bought.

If the music industry can cure the free music mentality in China then they can cure the world of music piracy. I believe that the fight starts there.

Check out the article here


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