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Swine Flu Song

All right, I’m slowly starting to realize that this is turning into swine flu week. I CAN’T HELP IT! It’s everywhere…

Anyways, this is something kind of cool but also crazy:

According to a CNN article, Stephen Zielinski from San Francisco, California used the genetic sequence of  hemagglutinin (which is the H part of the technical name for the virus: H1N1) to create a song using computer algorithms from the genetic sequence…

Take a listen:

Who knew that a virus could sound like that…music is truly universal.


Video of Swine Flu

I’ve found some footage of the Swine Flu in action…now, I must warn you that this is a little intense. Make sure there are no children around you.

Piggy Influenza

Swine flu is going crazy and it’s taking the world with it. Now all we need is the big bad wolf to blow the whole thing down.

Check out this map of cases of swine flu:

Googlemaps – Swine Flu Cases

Beyonce’s “Today Show” Performance Bomb…(Edited)

Howard Stern leaked an audio clip on his show of a tone deaf Beyonce performing on the “Today Show”. This audio clip is the board mix, which means it’s the feed that came straight from her mic before any alteration by autotune, and it’s the mix that is played through the speakers in front of the audience or the T.V. feed underneath the recording she is singing to.

This makes my head want to explode…

Click here to check out the song:


After thinking about it and listening through again…the claims that this audio clip is doctored might actually be true.

Here is the actual footage from the “Today Show” performance.

The artist known as Prince has an iPod

and you can own it for only $2,100…hmm…only if you’re a die hard fan i guess…

Loaded on the iPod will be a 40 minute video of Prince’s O2 performance in London.

Click here to see the MacWorld article

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Kim Jong-Il Gallery

Apparently Mr. Il is back from recent medical vacation…I’m not going to go too crazy into political discussion. This dude is too funny!!! I know that his power is sustained by fear and a heavy iron fist, but how can anyone close to him take him seriously?!

Kim Jong-Il the Hutt

"I'm so mad!!!" What the hell is wrong with my glasses!"

Kim Jong-Il action figure sold everywhere! Complete with nukes!

Kim Jong-Il action figure sold everywhere! Complete with nukes!

Here I am with my gang

"Here I am with my homies" - Kim Jong-Il