Beyonce’s “Today Show” Performance Bomb…(Edited)

Howard Stern leaked an audio clip on his show of a tone deaf Beyonce performing on the “Today Show”. This audio clip is the board mix, which means it’s the feed that came straight from her mic before any alteration by autotune, and it’s the mix that is played through the speakers in front of the audience or the T.V. feed underneath the recording she is singing to.

This makes my head want to explode…

Click here to check out the song:


After thinking about it and listening through again…the claims that this audio clip is doctored might actually be true.

Here is the actual footage from the “Today Show” performance.


2 responses to “Beyonce’s “Today Show” Performance Bomb…(Edited)

  1. Charlie,

    That was painful to listen to. You have a much better ear for music than Beyonce. However, she was in Austin Powers…so….sorry to say, Beyonce wins.

  2. williamglarsen

    this blows my mind.

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