Monthly Archives: May 2009

12 Most Bizarre ID Cards and Passports

ID cards help identify us as who we are. The picture on the card defines to the world the face that belongs to the name on the card. Here are some amazing ones from around the world:

Batman son of Superman

"Batman son of Superman

Click here to see more amazing ID cards


Lady Gaga – Viva La Video (Cover)

She’s weird but undoubtedly a talent.

New Music Coming…and it’s ALIIIIIVE!!

After 2 months of blogging about random ish going on round the world here is finally a blog about my own music.

There’s new music coming.

I’ll post it up and possibly put this one up on iTunes as a single.

The song is called “Wrong”, check out an acoustic version of the tune.

Oh, and the official website is finally live 🙂