Monthly Archives: June 2009


I’ve been gone from this blog for awhile now. I apologize folks.

Don’t you hate when you become the things that you always scoffed at? The general public opinion of musicians are that we are lazy. We never get back to emails right away, return your phone calls, check our voicemail, remember your names, and write on our blogs consistently.

I always thought that I would never be like that. The more that I evaluate where I am in my life I discover that maybe I’m more that way than I think. I don’t do those things when it involves other parts of my life. I call my girlfriend back. I check my voicemail when I miss a phone call from family oversees. I return emails right away at work. But I find myself unable to do those things when it comes to my music. I have some weird musicianitis where I slip into odd habits.

Anyways, I’m working on Christmas album. I figured there’s nothing better to get the songwriting juices going than writing about Jolly Old St. Nick, Snow, and Hot Chocolate.

I’ll post lyrics and demos when they become available.

Until then, help me get better at my musicianitis. Give me a call and force me to call you back.