Michael Jackson to the Rescue

Everyone knows that the music industry has been suffering like it got a real bad case of medieval bubonic plague. Album sales are down, piracy is rampant, and no one has yet come up with a real business model that will help save the music industry. Until June 25th, 2009 when Michael Jackson died.

Along with the shock, disbelief, and nostalgia that people felt one more thought entered my mind: how much money will the Sony Music make off of his death? Millions if not billions over the next few years.

The day after Jackson died, eight out of the top ten albums on iTunes were Michael Jackson albums. MJ albums flew off the shelves and printers were undoubtedly sent orders for hundreds of thousands of  albums like Thriller, Off the Wall, Dangerous, and Michael Jackson Gold.

I could go into some amateur psychoanalysis of Michael Jackson but I don’t think that will matter much and everyone has their own speculation already. Someone who was held up like a god the way that MJ was could never have had very many people around him who didn’t want something out of him. It’s sad really, everyone who made their way around him wanted a piece of the fame, a piece of the talent, and a piece of the money.

It doesn’t really stop after he’s gone. My sadness for Michael Jackson is only partially due to the fact that a great talent has passed, but because the parasite that probably played some part in his going mad still goes on even after he dies.

I was sent a Time.com article today where Tommy Mottola, former CEO and chairman of Sony talked about how Michael Jackson’s death would spur new albums, remixes, and live albums for the next five years. His contribution to the world was his innovation in music and dance and those things we will always have.

RIP Michael Jackson

You might just be able to save Sony Music this year.


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