Charlie Chang

Name: Charlie Chang

Birthplace: Monterey Park, California | Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan/Laguna Niguel, California

Bio: I am 100% Taiwanese. I make music. I love food. I love sleep. I like driving…for a reasonable amount of time. I love books. I love good stories. I love flying.

Music Bio: Charlie Chang’s music speaks deeper than so many of the overplayed one hit wonders who promise a “new twist” to the same old sound. With a voice that you wouldn’t expect to come out of a Chinese guy, his songs possess the ability to connect on a personal level, each one speaks directly to the listener: catching their ear and stealing their heart. This, however, is not just an affect of quality music, but also a main goal the singer/songwriter aims for. He has already made his mark quite significantly amongst his small group of followers which has stemmed from friends and teachers, and branched into a fan base that is as loyal to his chords and lyrics as he is to creating them. Charlie’s music is as individualistic as the wide variety of listeners he has come to acquire, carrying with it a personal yet original style that allows the songs to speak for themselves. But perhaps above all, Charlie remains true to himself, his beliefs, faith, and personality, and it is this honesty that helps create the heartfelt and meaningful music that has been able to connect so strongly with his listeners.

Where to find me on the Web: MySpace | Facebook | Twitter


2 responses to “Who???

  1. Ha! You were born in Monterey Park.

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