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Jack White wants you to stop playing video games

From 1UP

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I was just having a conversation with my fiance last month about me and video games. I love video games. I love music. I love making music and playing my songs for people. I also love killing goblins with a good spell or a wicked looking sword. Maybe Jack White was playing different games than me, but I find that video games inspire me. Maybe my pixellated friends on the TV or the computer monitor affect my brain differently than his.

People have been discovering music through T.V. and movies for years now, why is discovering new music through Guitar Hero or Rock Band so awful? If anything Guitar Hero and Rock Band are doing a better job of promoting and playing music than MTV ever did. People of all ages are able to interact with the music, even if they aren’t actually playing the notes. A whole new generation is able to connect with the Beatles and other classics that they would never get from Top 40 radio.

If playing video games is stealing all of your time from other necessary activities than you’re taking it to far but that’s also true with all other forms of entertainment. Musicians, play those games that inspire great stories within you, just don’t forget to pick up your guitar or sit at your piano between those raid parties.


TAIWANESE! U.S. Census 2010

All right, on a serious note. There’s a movement going on right now. The stage is being set. Taiwanese all around the U.S. are rallying around this one cause… To get TAIWANESE written into the U.S. Census. As a kid I remember having to tell people that I was Chinese (which is true, by ethnic background) but I wasn’t from China, I was from Taiwan. I’m Taiwanese. I speak Taiwanese, I eat Taiwanese food, I love Taiwanese music and culture. This is especially important in these eight states: CA, NY, TX, NJ, WA, IL, MD, and MA which are supposed to have the largest Taiwanese population in the country. There are an estimated 1 million Taiwanese people living in this country.

Check out the PSA video below and don’t forget to check the “OTHER” box when you fill out your census this year and fill in “TAIWANESE”.

2010 films to get giddy about

These are just a couple of the big blockbusters that I am looking forward to this year…

Clash of the Titans – March 26th, 2010

Iron Man 2 – May 7th, 2010

Robin Hood – May 14th, 2010

The A-Team – June 11th, 2010

Toy Story 3 – June 18th, 2010

The Karate Kid remake – Kung Fu Kid…

BAD idea…BAD! Of all the movies to remake…why destroy a classic??

This is an awful idea! “The Kung Fu Kid”??? Jackie Chan is totally out of money or something! They are going to destroy a classic people! Mr. Miagi is going to become Mr. Lee! Nooooooooooooooo!!!

Petition: Bring back “Captain EO” to Disneyland

There’s a petition online to bring this ride back to Disneyland. I remember going to see “Captain EO” as a kid in Disneyland. The dancing, aliens, and the evil queen with the long fingernails. Honestly, I think this is a great idea. As cool as “Honey, I shrunk the audience” was when it first came out I think that it’s about time they changed things up again and what better to bring back than the King of Pop himself to Tomorrowland. I’ll be waiting, can’t wait for the MJ merchandise to come back to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Click on this link to sign the petition:

Michael Jackson to the Rescue

Everyone knows that the music industry has been suffering like it got a real bad case of medieval bubonic plague. Album sales are down, piracy is rampant, and no one has yet come up with a real business model that will help save the music industry. Until June 25th, 2009 when Michael Jackson died.

Along with the shock, disbelief, and nostalgia that people felt one more thought entered my mind: how much money will the Sony Music make off of his death? Millions if not billions over the next few years.

The day after Jackson died, eight out of the top ten albums on iTunes were Michael Jackson albums. MJ albums flew off the shelves and printers were undoubtedly sent orders for hundreds of thousands of  albums like Thriller, Off the Wall, Dangerous, and Michael Jackson Gold.

I could go into some amateur psychoanalysis of Michael Jackson but I don’t think that will matter much and everyone has their own speculation already. Someone who was held up like a god the way that MJ was could never have had very many people around him who didn’t want something out of him. It’s sad really, everyone who made their way around him wanted a piece of the fame, a piece of the talent, and a piece of the money.

It doesn’t really stop after he’s gone. My sadness for Michael Jackson is only partially due to the fact that a great talent has passed, but because the parasite that probably played some part in his going mad still goes on even after he dies.

I was sent a article today where Tommy Mottola, former CEO and chairman of Sony talked about how Michael Jackson’s death would spur new albums, remixes, and live albums for the next five years. His contribution to the world was his innovation in music and dance and those things we will always have.

RIP Michael Jackson

You might just be able to save Sony Music this year.

Bernie Madoff has your money…

So the ponzi man is going away for a century and beyond. That’s justice my friends. Thou shalt not steal.

Here’s to Bernie and I hope he hears this tune in his head for a long time…at least until the angry people get to him…