Friends & Pages worth noting


Michael McVerry – My oh so funny and random half asian friend has an awesome website/blog. Read more about this guy’s life.

Addison Road – A very smart professor I had during school owns and operates this blog. Very smart and witty people live here.

The Biggest Mistake – The podcast from a couple of very funny comics.

Noteworthy Blogs & Sites

Spoiled Culture – A blog for the spoiled – thoughtful and humbling.

Vintage Wines – My favorite wine store in San Diego.

Taiwanese American – An amazing website that highlights Taiwanese American News and Culture.

My Mom is a FOB – I love my mom and so I’m glad there’s a place where we can all relate.

My Dad is a FOB – Again. relatable and awesome

Shameless plug

My Music Page – This isn’t really a friend…per say…but check out my music over here <—–


One response to “Friends & Pages worth noting

  1. Jeremy’s album is total kick-ass goodness.

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