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UPDATE: New EPs…that’s right, plural

Friends and Fans, forgive me for I have sinned. It’s been 2 years now since I’ve been talking about an acoustic EP, new songs, new album but 2010 is the year for them. Rather than spend a long time putting together one album and delaying the process of getting the songs to your hands, iPods, computers, and cars I’m going to be releasing multiple EPs this year. I’ll keep you updated as the process goes on, right now I’m fine tuning the new songs and making selections.

This is going to be an exciting year, thank you for all the continued support.

Charlie Chang


“Waltz for You” music video & interview on the MYX Channel

Hey Everyone!

It’s been awhile since the music video for “Waltz for You” was finished, but the MYX Channel based out of San Francisco is going to be featuring the video along with an interview where Anders Lindwall (the director) and I will be talking about the process behind creating the video.

The episode will be premiering on Thursday Feb 18 at 8 p.m. and then will be airing on the following days and times:

Feb 19, Friday at 1730 PT/ 2030 ET and 2100PT/ midnight ET
Feb 20, Saturday at  2000 PT/ 2300 ET
Feb 22, Monday at 1200 PT/ 1500 ET

MYX is available on…
Comcast (in San Francisco Bay Area) – Channel 368
DirecTV (in United States) – Channel 2067
Cox (in Orange County, California) – Channel 479
Cox (in Northern part of Virginia) – Channel 464
RCN (in NYC, Wash. D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston) – Channel 474
MCV (in Guam) – Channel 16

Check out a preview here:

Jay Sean – “Down” Cover

One of my 2010 New Years resolutions is to start posting up cover songs on YouTube. I figured, I’ve had the YouTube channel for 4 years now…it’s about time I started doing something with it.

The first one of the year is Jay Sean’s breakout hit song. Enjoy! (If you’ve got any suggestions for songs I should cover in the future let me know!)

Robbie Williams – Reality Killed the Video Star

Given that Robbie Williams isn’t nearly as popular here in the U.S. of A. as he is across the Atlantic pond I can’t say that I’m as knowledgable about him as I could be. I just saw that this was a new album from the former band member of Take That and decided to give it a listen. Remember “Millenium” and “Angels” from 1999? I think those are the only songs that got any attention stateside.

His new album, Reality Killed the Video Star is actually quite a good album. The songs are well written and Williams gives his all through all the tracks. Come on America, let’s give this album a chance!

Stand out tracks: “Bodies”, “You Know Me”, “Blasphemy”, and “Deceptacon”.

Playing for Change – Stand By Me

This is what music is all about…showing the potential for humanity…bringing people together to create something beautiful.

Kanye West and the downfall of singing and music entertainment

For a long time now the general public has been aware of the fact that the transformation of pop music has gone from ugly to uglier. At least the 70s and 80s produced music stars who were actually born with vocal talent. Motown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, New Kids on the Block, Aerosmith, U2, are all entertainers who could actually hold a melody line without the help of computerization. Record labels were so desperate to keep pumping out pop stars that could sell looks that God given talent was no longer a factor. The 90s and the 21st century absolutely destroyed what it means to be a “singer”. Below is a clip from a film called Before the Music Dies, it will show you how our pop stars are made:

Whether or not the average music listener knows it, we are so used to hearing auto-tune plugins or vocoders on our pop stars (and even some rockers) voices that a lot of the times we don’t even know that it’s there. Sure everyone knows that T-pain uses auto-tune, and Kanye has taken that $200 audio plugin and made himself a “singer”. Britney Spears can perform a sold out arena tour and not even sing a note. Kanyeezee performed on American Idol last night. American Idol…a singing competition…now isn’t that just a LITTLE embarrassing??? Idol producers, you invited or allowed, a non-singer to SING on your show in front of 20 million viewers across the country. Did Simon get to judge his performance afterwards?! I want to watch that part of the show! How the hell did we get to this point!? Is there no musical integrity left?!

Today I am ashamed of the music industry, maybe tomorrow I will feel better.

BoA – I Did For Love (Full song) Premiere

Even if you find this song annoying as hell it will get stuck in your head the second you turn it off…this single might just break Ms. BoA Kwon into the U.S. Now let’s just see if SM entertainment can get this single onto the stateside airwaves.

I Did It For Love – BoA