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Jack White wants you to stop playing video games

From 1UP

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I was just having a conversation with my fiance last month about me and video games. I love video games. I love music. I love making music and playing my songs for people. I also love killing goblins with a good spell or a wicked looking sword. Maybe Jack White was playing different games than me, but I find that video games inspire me. Maybe my pixellated friends on the TV or the computer monitor affect my brain differently than his.

People have been discovering music through T.V. and movies for years now, why is discovering new music through Guitar Hero or Rock Band so awful? If anything Guitar Hero and Rock Band are doing a better job of promoting and playing music than MTV ever did. People of all ages are able to interact with the music, even if they aren’t actually playing the notes. A whole new generation is able to connect with the Beatles and other classics that they would never get from Top 40 radio.

If playing video games is stealing all of your time from other necessary activities than you’re taking it to far but that’s also true with all other forms of entertainment. Musicians, play those games that inspire great stories within you, just don’t forget to pick up your guitar or sit at your piano between those raid parties.